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'Screen Hub UK' proposed for 77 acres of green belt land in Iver Heath

On 16th September Pinewood Group announced plans to create a ‘Screen Industries Global Growth Hub’ on a 77 acre site to the south of the exiting studios, which includes the old quarry land.

This very significant expansion is projected to include:

  • A 350,000 sq ft visitor attraction called the ‘Pinewood Studios Experience’ 
  • New film production facilities 
  • An education and training skills hub 
  • A creative industries business growth hub 
  • A green campus 
  • Large-scale parking

Pinewood says that this project will add £230m per annum to the economy, £125m per annum to the tourism industry and will create around 3,500 new jobs. However, there were some major concerns voiced by residents at the Zoom-based Q&A sessions on 22nd and 23rd September, the most critical and frequently mentioned of which related to:

  • HUGE INCREASE IN TRAFFIC ON LOCAL ROADS: The local road network not being able to cope with the associated traffic
  • INCREASED POLLUTION: Increases in air pollution levels, especially in the context of the Ivers already having been declared an Air Quality Management Area
  • GREEN SPACE EROSION: Further and significant erosion of local green space
  • ACCESS TO BLACK PARK: The proposed closure of Peace Road, which is a current access path to Black Park used by many locals

This is a new planning application and ‘exceptional circumstances’ would be sought by Pinewood to build on this green belt land. During the Q&A sessions it was quoted that, on a peak day, the visitor attraction alone would expect up to 8,500 visitors although a branded bus service would be provided, initially only from Slough Station, to encourage use of public transport.

For further information and the opportunity to comment go to the dedicated Pinewood Studios Screen Hub UK project site. You can view the outline planning application and associated documents on Buckinghamshire Council's planning website, where there is also the opportunity to comment.

We want to hear your views!

Our role is to champion the views of our membership and of the local community, so we are very keen for you to share your views with us on

  • What do you like about Pinewood’s proposals?
  • What are your major concerns about the proposed plans?
  • What suggestions do you have that may be considered for the proposals?
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