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What residents told us they want for the future of our village

As a fully constituted Residents’ Association, we felt it was our brief to devote time and effort in seeking as many views of Iver Heath residents as possible to support the Iver Parish Council (IPC) in devising their Neighbourhood Plan. In 2018, Iver Heath Residents’ Association (IHRA) Committee members attended 3 consultations held by IPC. We also responded to South Bucks District Council’s (SBDC) call for sites in 2018 and 2019.

In order to ensure that we could provide feedback based on wide-ranging views from Iver Heath residents, IHRA held six meetings to gather feedback from locals on their vision for the future of Iver Heath. The result is a report - A Plan for Iver Heath - highlighting the priorities for our village. This report has been sent to IPC and South Bucks District Council asking that these views were used to steer both the Neighbourhood Plan and the Local Plan.

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