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A sparkling tree … and a storm trooper

The Christmas lights on the tree opposite the Co-op were improved in 2016 thanks to a donation from Pinewood Studios. At the first attempt they didn’t reach the top of the tree so the Parish Council organised SSE, the new street light contractor, to rehang them. With the help of a local “Storm Trooper” we met under the tree with representatives from Pinewood and the Parish Council the day after the Christmas lights were switched on.

We would also like to thank the Stag and Hounds over the road as they also helped with similar lights outside their premises.

Iver Parish Council has set up a working group with the aim of improving the Christmas lights in Richings Park, Iver and Iver Heath for 2017. Alan Wilson from the IHRA committee attended the first meeting of the group on 1st February. Since then, progress has been made on further improvements for 2017. We hope to include Christmas-themed lights on some of the street lamps on the A412 and wait to hear back from Bucks CC if this is possible.

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