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Iver Heath could be impacted by air traffic



Heathrow held the first of its consultation events on Tuesday 22 January at the Richings Sports Park. There was a vast amount of information available to view and take away, with several Heathrow representatives on hand to ask questions of. The consultation ended on 4 March 2019.


In short, the consultation was about re-designing the way Heathrow airspace is used - including the potential of planes flying at a relatively low altitude over Iver Heath irrespective of a third runway - and looking at how a three-runway airport could operate in the future.


The IHRA committee has a contact on the Heathrow team who we are able to ask questions of as we are specifically interested in how Iver Heath may be affected by everything from additional noise to aircraft-related pollution.


Based on feedback we received from residents during the consultation period, we have submitted a response which summarises the views.

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