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During the Iver Parish Council's (IPC) AGM on 6th March, attended by members of the IHRA committee, the parish council's purchase of Iver Police Station was the subject of some discussion.

IPC currently rent their offices from Thames Valley Police, however the police plan to move out and dispose of the whole site next year. IPC will therefore have to find new premises, alternatively an opportunity has arisen for them to buy the site themselves.

If IPC do buy the site, it will provide additional space for the parish council and team and could, they are suggesting, be a centre for the Good Neighbourhood Scheme, an information hub, community library and space for local group activities. There would also be an opportunity for the police to maintain a drop-in base in Iver.

Over the coming weeks, IPC will be carrying out a leaflet drop with further information and a short feedback survey so that residents can comment on the proposals as part of a public consultation. Further information can be found on the IPC website.

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