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A plan to offset some of the negative impacts on Colne Valley

As IHRA is a member of the Colne Valley Park CIC, Alan Wilson and Leigh Tugwood from the IHRA committee attended a meeting on the proposed Heathrow expansion and its impact on the Colne Valley Regional Park (CVP).

Contributors highlighted the massive scale of the proposed Heathrow expansion and the equally large scale negative impacts on the CVP. They went on to say that the CVP CIC is opposed to any Heathrow expansion because of these impacts. That said, they have adopted a pragmatic approach to the possibility of development in the region and, to that end, are promoting an environmental infrastructure strategy. Importantly, they are seeking the adoption of this document by local authorities and companies involved in major infrastructure projects in the region.

There is a consultation on the Colne and Crane Green Infrastructure Strategy which IHRA will respond to in support. This consultation is open until 21st July if individuals would like to contribute.

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