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In a ‘Neighbour Notification of Amended Application’ letter dated 29th October from Planning Officer Laura Peplow, it states that anyone who wishes to submit comments on this application and its amendments must do so by 28thNovember 2021. A further 40+ documents totalling nearly 600 pages have been added to the planning portal for this planning application PL/20/3280/OA since 1st October, which is a lot to wade through in four weeks. Further details are on this website.

What we are doing 

We are ploughing through this documentation, as well as consulting other stakeholders, including Colne Valley Park CIC, our Buckinghamshire and Ivers Parish councillors and our MP, in seeking a co-ordinated and appropriate response. That said, based on our initial review, it would seem that there remain several ‘technical’ concerns, raised previously by us and others, which have still not been resolved. We remain opposed to this application. 

What we encourage you to do 

The amended application still includes the visitor attraction and all the other key aspects of the original proposal. If you remain opposed to it, we encourage you to write in and say so with reasons such as the amended application does not address original concerns about traffic; the negative impact on air quality; the negative impact on the character of the area and your quality of life, and building on the green belt for something that is not necessary. 

  • Email 
  • Attn: Laura Peplow (Planning Officer)
  • Ref: PL/20/3280/OA (Land South of Pinewood Studios. SL0 0NH)
  • Mailing Address: Buckinghamshire Council Planning Department, King George V House, 
  • King George V Road, Amersham, Bucks HP6 5AW 

Whatever your view, if you originally responded to this planning application, your comments still stand. However, since there is an opportunity to submit further comments by 28th November, you are perfectly entitled to do so. You do not need to repeat what you said previously. 


IHRA has co-signed a Joint Statement with Colne Valley Regional Park, CPRE Buckinghamshire and the Iver & District Countryside Association expressing shared concerns relating to the strategic direction that planning policy is heading in. The statement, which specifically refers to the Welcome Break MSA and the Pinewood Studios Screen Hub planning applications, was sent to senior leadership at Buckinghamshire Council on 9th April.


In response to concerns about parking near the Co-op in Iver Heath, Buckinghamshire Council has produced a new parking scheme proposal which is on The Ivers Parish Council (TIPC) website for comment. The current parking situation outside the Iver Heath Co-op is chaotic and dangerous. The new proposal is designed to reduce congestion and improve safety.

Results of the Parish Council survey, which closed on 21st March, indicate that the proposal has received widespread support. Comments are still being collated and we will be working with TIPC to develop a final parking layout.

We have produced one map that should make it easier to understand the proposed scheme prior to any alterations. We have also provided more details about individual parking spaces.

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