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Pre-Consultation of the Draft Neighbourhood Plan now available


The purpose of a Neighbourhood Plan (NP) - in our case the Ivers Parish NP - is to set out the vision of the strategies and policies for the future development of the Neighbourhood. This plan has meaning in law and must be consulted and referred to in any future proposed developments.

The importance of a Neighbourhood Plan has long been recognised by the IHRA and is the reason why our consultations during 2018/19 were carried out and our Iver Heath Village Plan was published in June 2019. This report was presented to and acknowledged by South Bucks District Council, The Ivers Parish Council and recently by the consultants who are advising the IPC in drawing up the Neighbourhood Plan for the Ivers. Needless to say, we're keen to see all the "objectives" as set out in our Village Plan to be eventually reflected as "policy" within a draft Neighbourhood Plan.

Meanwhile the recently formed Unitary Authority, Buckinghamshire Council, is bringing forward its own Buckinghamshire plan. This, in our view, makes the need for a Neighbourhood Plan even more important.


IHRA committee members, as well as representatives from the Iver and Richings Park Residents' Associations, have been working closely with The Ivers Parish Council on the development of a Neighbourhood Plan. TIPC has appointed Planning Consultants Oneill Homer to help with delivery.

The Pre-Submission Draft of the Neighbourhood Plan 2020-2036 for the Parish Consultation can be found on the Ivers Parish Council Website.

Having a sound Neighbourhood Plan, as Cllr. Wendy Matthews, Chair of IPC, has stated in the past is "a once in a lifetime opportunity" for Ivers’ residents and we have made clear that IHRA is 100% committed to helping shape a representative and robust Neighbourhood Plan.

We will keep continue to keep members and residents posted as the Plan progresses.

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