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Our first defibrillator is now operational

The first public defibrillator for our village is now fully operational and installed on the outside wall of Iver Heath Library. Thank you to all who contributed towards this achievement and particular thanks to:

  • The British Heart Foundation who supplied the device with matched funding from IHRA.
  • Pinewood Film Studios who provided two free film nights to raise funds and paid for the installation.
  • Iver Parish Council who contributed to the defibrillator cabinet.
  • Bucks County Libraries who provided the site.
  • Councillor Luisa Sullivan who did much of the leg work involved.

Please tell your friends and neighbours about the new defibrillator. It is simple and safe to use.

Just phone the number on the outside of the box and follow their instructions until an ambulance arrives. It could save someone’s life.

Susan Luckhurst from the IHRA committee has been heavily involved in first aid demonstrations at local schools and the Scouts to familiarise children with the equipment.

We continue to support the BHF, have permission to install a second defibrillator outside Asygarth Medical Centre and will be raising funds for this great cause through our various activities.

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