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Planning permission granted for sound stages, workshop and parking

Pinewood Studios are pushing ahead with Phase 3 of the Pinewood Studios Development Framework (PSDF) to deliver the studios expansion. Phases 1 and 2 of the PSDF are built out and operational.

At the meeting of the Buckinghamshire Council Strategic Sites Committee on 11th March, the main item on the agenda was Pinewood’s planning application to build 4 sound stages and a workshop on zone 4 and 4a of the fields (near the attenuation pond) which form part of their phase 3 expansion plan.

There were representations from Cllrs Sangster, Griffin and Gibson, who spoke for three minutes each, objecting and raising issues on behalf of the community. Cllr Sullivan did not attend but had submitted a statement of objection which was read out on her behalf.

After an hour and a half’s discussion and deliberation, the Committee voted in favour of the full planning application therefore planning permission was granted. However, there were various conditions attached, some of which, we understand, require further consultation with the community. More detailed information to follow once we have it.

The 2014 outline planning application anticipated that Phase 3 would deliver two three storey office buildings and car parking. The proposals for Phase 3 have since evolved, based on what Pinewood describes as "operational needs at the Studios".

Pinewood Studios are also looking to deliver new planting and landscaping in the southern fields, between the site for Phase 3 and Pinewood Green. It seems that plans for these are not yet finalised and there is still time for input.

To see the project details and comment on the proposals visit You can contact the Pinewood Studios project team by emailing or calling 0808 1688 296.

Work started in late November on the site to erect a large temporary stage whilst full planning permission was sought for the permanent development.

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