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The next phase of development has commenced

McAlpine were recently appointed as the main contractor for the next stage of Pinewood's Phase Two redevelopment project and work has now commenced. A new 'works entrance' has been sited along Pinewood Road towards Fulmer, where several metres of established hedgrow has had to be removed to accommodate it.

Phase Two of Pinewood Studios' redevelopment, situated to the north of phase one, comprises three further large sound stages with ancillary workshops, offices and car parking.

We have been advised that a survey will be carried out with a view to creating a cycle path on the grass verge along Pinewood Road between Pinewood Studios and the Five Points Roundabout. We also understand that investigations into the widening of Seven Hills Road are still being pursued and that plans for the significant alterations to the Five Points Roundabout have now been shelved.

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