• Aims of the association

    Our focus as an active champion for Iver Heath

    Build community spirit

    Strengthen the community and help improve the local environment for residents of Iver Heath.

    Give residents a voice

    Be a strong ‘voice’ of the community, acting as an effective link between the community and major public and private sector bodies in order to affect positive change.

    Support local charitable causes

    Create social and fund-raising opportunities via a range of events, activities and initiatives.

    Keep you informed

    Keep members in the loop and up-to-date on projects that affect the Iver Heath area.

    Retain the character of our village

    Lobby against inappropriate development that is a threat to our village life.

    Our values

    Our values are to be inclusive, accessible, informative, transparent, credible and non-political.

  • Meet your committee

    Our voluntary team of local residents who make up the IHRA Committee

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    Leigh Tugwood


    Leigh has worked as an architect for many years and is a member of the RIBA. Born and raised in Iver Heath, he continues to make the village his home.

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    Renita Shwili


    Renita's career has been in marketing and project management. She's a keen gardener and has lived in leafy Pinewood Green since 1987.

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    Maureen Davies


    Maureen and her family have lived in Iver Heath since 1977. She spent many years working with Chartered Accountants,
    as well as running her own book-keeping business prior to retirement.

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    Bhabinder Kaur Chhina


    A self-employed IT project manager, Bhabinder moved to Iver Heath with her husband in 2018. Bhabinder enjoys getting involved in voluntary and local community projects in her spare time.

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    Alan Wilson

    Committee Member

    A former civil engineer and currently a maths tutor, Alan has lived in Iver Heath with his family for more than 40 years.

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    Susan Luckhurst

    Committee Memeber

    A long-time resident of the village, Susan is one of the founder members of the IHRA committee.

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    Debs Forward

    Local Area Steward

    Area 1 (Pinewood Green/Ashford Road Estate)

    An Iver Heath resident for more than 20 years, Debs is an active and passionate volunteer. Now retired, she had a career as Head of Information Technology.

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    Carol Gibson

    Local Area Steward

    Area 6 (Area around south Swallow Street)

    Having served as a an Ivers Parish Councillor and being one of the hardest-working volunteers across the Ivers, Carol is also a Trustee of the Colne Valley Regional Park CIC.


    A weekly online lottery supporting local good causes

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    Support IHRA with a chance to win £25,000

    IHRA has been selected as one of the good causes being supported by the Buckinghamshire Lottery. We receive 50p from each ticket purchased on our page which goes towards funding initiatives such as our Air Quality Monitoring programme, events for residents' groups and charities as well as generally helping make Iver Heath a nicer place to live for everyone.


    Tickets have a 1:50 chance of winning a prize with a jackpot of £25,000. Thank you in advance for taking part and good luck!


  • Our constitution

    Our governing charter that defines how we serve and support the community

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    Download the IHRA constitution in full

    To download a full copy of the IHRA constitution, click the following link (opens in a new window - PDF format): Download the IHRA constitution